children in Soviet Russia exposing their bodies to a uv lamp
 to make up for the lack of sun they were getting.

“Poltava, Ukraine. Tanya, 29, a sex-worker and drug user who has HIV. She has an 11 year old son and lives with 5 other sex-workers in a small apartment in a poor neighbourhood. She used to weight 100 KG but has wasted away to nothing. She has severe septicemia on her legs and a rampant addiction. Tanya tells that sometimes in the past wealthy men would seek her out for sex as part of a bizarre ‘Russian roulette with AIDS scenario, where they would have unprotected sex and dice with the odds of contracting HIV. Tanya died one month after this photograph was taken.”

Two Dutch girls use chalk to write slogans and messages for friends and relatives in other towns on a tank after the liberation of Breda by the Allied Polish 1st Armoured Division. Many civilians in occupied countries would write messages on the tanks of their liberators, knowing that these tanks would soon move on to the next town, hoping their friends or relatives would see the messages. On the tank you can see names, addresses and “Alles goed" ("All is good" in Dutch). Breda, North Brabant, the Netherlands. November 1944.

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